Star Glaive Star Glaive, an original space shooting game! In most games you use your own ammunition to beat the enemy. The game Star Glaive is a little different: with your shield, you absorb the ammunition which the enemy, a huge starship, is firing at you. When you have absorbed ammunition, you can fire it at the enemy. In principle, your ship can only hold one type of ammo at a time. You can also deflect enemy rounds, and although it will make your shield lose energy, the energy will gradually come back. The further you get, the faster you will need to react, so concentrate and try to hold out against the huge spaceship for as long as possible!
You can choose between two modes of control: the easiest, with the mouse, and teh more complicated one with the keyboard. In the last case, use the arrow keys or WASD to move and press X, Shift or the Spacebar to shoot.
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