Swords and Sandals 2 Imagine yourself in the ancient Rome of gladiators and arena fights. You've probably already played Swords and Sandals I before, and might remember the principles of the game. The basic principles of Swords and Sandals II are the same: create your gladiator, and spread his skills exactly the way you want. For example you can create a very strong gladiator, or a gladiator who has a lot of stamina or magic power. Then, you can buy weapons and armour for him, and add spells and magic potions to give him even more chances to survive. Then, your gladiator is ready to fight against his opponents, in order to gain experience and earn gold, that you can use to buy more weapons. This increases his chances to win a new arena fight. Try to find and use the right strategy in each level of Swords and Sandals II. Who knows you might defeat all your opponents, and become the champion of the amphitheatre!
Use your mouse to play this Swords and Sandals-game.
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