Project Monochrome This is a massive 70-level arcade space shooter with 21 weapons. On the mission screen, you will see a mission description, a life counter, your money and a bunch of buyable weapons. Before you start your mission, select the weapon you want to use by clicking on it. Your current weapon will have a thick outline around its icon. Dodge all bullets and enemies. When you destroy an enemy, you earn money that is used to buy extra ships and weapons. Survive missions are missions where all you have to do is survive the wave of enemies. Destroy missions are like survive missions, but you have to earn a certain amount by destroying ships. There is a boss every 10 levels. They have a lot of lives, and can be destroyed more easily if you use a high powered weapon. After level 50, you will get a speed boost.
Use the arrow keys to move your ship. Hold the spacebar to fire your weapon.
This game is
Score 8.0 of 10