All that Matters Huh, what's happening? You exist, but not entirely. You hear and see your family, and they hear you but they don't see you. You are... a ghost. Your family slowly starts to forget you and this hurts. Try to change this situation, so that your family members start thinking of you again and you can slowly start occupying the place you used to have in the heads of your wife, your adult son, your baby and your old father. Win the members of your family back by making them collect hearts! You'll have to make them defy lots of dangers, though, but I'm sure that it's worth it... Have fun playing this terrific and original game!
Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your family members. Baby Toby can't jump, but he can crawl very fast when you combine W or the up arrow with A/D or the left/right arrow keys. Use the 1-5 to change family members. This is useful when it takes certain qualities to take an obstacle!
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Score 6.0 of 10