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Mahjong Games

The Mahjong game is an age-old Asian game that is currently extremely popular online and has countless versions. Of course, on Gamesbook we’ve also put together an entire collection of Mahjong games for you as a Mahjongg enthusiast. If you like this strategy game, you can select from our countless versions and never get bored with the game! In Mahjong, also called Mah-jong, Mah-jongg or Mahjongg, insight and speed are two extremely important factors which determine success. The principle of the game is as follows: empty the field as quickly as possible by clicking away two of the same tiles at a time. These tiles can, in theory, be represented by all kinds of illustrations. Asian characters, but also various other images. You can only select the tiles located on the edges or right in the middle. Empty spaces are taken up by the tiles above them, after which an immediate check of identical tiles is done. In this way, you can click off multiple sets of Mahjong tiles in a single turn. We’ve collected dozens of versions of this fun game for you on Gamesbook. How about playing Chinese Mahjong, Mahjong Classic or Cartoon Mahjong? These are all gripping Mahjong games with which you can put your mind to work and enjoy hours of playing fun. Enjoy!