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You can have lots of fun playing Gamesbook's action games! Action games are great fun to play. They give you energy and entertain you for hours and hours. So try some of these great action games on! We've collected over 100 for you, so there's certainly something nice for you to play! So check our wide range, choose the action game that suits you and start playing online immediately! Do you like fighting games? That's perfect! If you like martial arts, you should definitely have a look at our action games selection. Whether it's about kung fu, muay thai or some old-fashioned streetfighting, you'll experience all these different styles while playing our fighting games. Gamesbook's also the place to be if you want to play shooters and abreaction games. If you're angry and need some steam off games, Gamesbook's the place to be! Have fun and calm down with our abreaction games! In that case, people often choose to play shooting games. These are of course perfect to let off steam. There are many different kinds of shooting games. In some of these games you get a target to aim at, whereas other games are more adventure-oriented. In those games you walk around and meet bad guys everywhere, that you have to shoot down. The great thing is that all action games on are for free, so it won't cost you anything! Take a look at our website and see how many abreaction, action, fighting and shooting games we've gathered for you. It's almost impossible that you won't find your favorite game in our collection! Start playing the free action games on right now!