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Min-Hero Tower of Sages Everyone's dreaming of getting the privilege of training titans in the Tower of Sages. Only a few are chosen: he or she who manages to defeat the Great Sage. In Tower of Sages, a turn-based RPG, you let all kinds of creatures fight against each other. Make the best strategic choice before the battle starts and see where it will end! Collect and train these creatures: you can collect more than a hundred so they'll keep you busy for a while! Each creature belongs to a specific type, for example fire, grass or water. Some types are stronger or weaker when fighting against certain other types. Try to find the perfect combination of creatures and become a successful titan trainer!
Use the arrow keys or WASD to move around. During the battles you use the left mouse button to choose strategic moves. Press the spacebar to interact with other characters in the game.
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Score 8.8 of 10