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Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games. The name says it all. These are games that are played simultaneously by multiple players. You can play multiplayer games on the internet, but you can also play them in a local network (LAN), or as two players on a computer. The great thing about multiplayer games is obviously the interaction with other gamers. The challenge becomes somewhat greater because you’re not playing against a computer, but against other people who could be friends or total strangers. Within the group of Multiplayer games, you’ll also find MMOGs – Massively Multiplayer Online Games – also called MMO games. In these games, you play online along with a large number of other players. Again, within this multiplayer games group, you’ll find the MMORPGs. You’ve probably heard of MMORPG, but do you know what it stands for? It stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Here, you play online role-play games (RPG) along with a large number of other players. We’ve gathered all kinds of great multiplayer games for you on Gamesbook. Sports games like Volleyball Multiplayer, war games like Tanks WG, strategy games like Poker Multiplayer and games of skill like 8-ball Multiplayer WG or 9-ball Multiplayer WG. Choices aplenty so you can have great online fun on your own or with friends!