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Tetris Games

The computer game called Tetris was developed in 1984 and is installed as standard on Nintendo’s Game Boy. So the game, which is still extremely popular, has a long history going back to a time in which online gaming didn’t exist yet! Fortunately, you can now play Tetris online wherever you like, on your very own games site., of course! This is how Tetris works, in case you didn’t know. Blocks fall constantly from the top of the screen to below. These blocks always consist of four squares and can have different shapes. These are called the tetrominos. The aim is to turn the blocks and place them down horizontally in such a way that they fall into the right place and form a solid horizontal line along with the other blocks already down. Every time you complete a full line, it disappears. You can keep stacking blocks as long as they don’t touch the top of the screen. Then it’s game over. In many Tetris games, the blocks fall faster as you proceed through the levels, making it more difficult to place the blocks in the right spots. You can play dozens of Tetris versions on Gamesbook. ‘Double Tetris’, where you play Tetris simultaneously on two screens, for example. And, of course, there’s the definitive Tetris Classic. Another fun Tetris game is called ‘Elven Mists’. Here, you connect flower buds to one another by placing blocks of the same color between them. Then you place the tiles on the flower buds to release the elves trapped inside. And so we can continue naming versions of Tetris games.