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Epic Battle Fantasy 4 The heroes of Epic Battle Fantasy have turned from real heroes into bastards. The fact that in earlier installments they've saved the world from doom has made them arrogant and overconfident, and has also caused them to appropriate all kinds of things that didn't belong to them. So they haven't made themselves quite popular! Not with Anna, either, a princess who has noticed that a very special gem has disappeared from her land. Anna thinks that the heroic threesome are the culprits, and she wants to wage war against them. But reality is slightly different and together with Matt, Natalie and Lance, Anna is going to fight evil and tries to recover the jewels. The fights are turn-based, so you and your opponent make strategic moves by turns. After each fight you earn Ability Points. Like any other RPG, in this game it's important to buy better weapons and reach higher levels. Good luck!
This game is mouse-controlled.
This game is
Score 6.0 of 10