Paladog After human greediness and truculence had almost destroyed the earth, our planet decided to hit back and sweep away mankind from earth. The animals survived the crash and slowly a new, peaceful balance was found. As evil couldn't get a grip on these critters living together peacefully, it decided to attack the animals. The animals weren't prepared for this evil and got the worst of it. One animal didn't get scared and it decided to fight back against evil: it was a dog, a knight called Paladog. Can you help him defeat the monsters? Keep an eye on your 'Health Bar' and keep the red part as small as possible. When your soldiers are surrounded by a kind of aureole on the ground, they can use special skills. Good luck!
Use the left and right arrow key or A and D to walk. Press the numbers 1-9 when you want to feed your soldiers. Press J, K or L if you want to use Mana while casting spells. You can also use the left mouse button to perform all the actions.
This game is
Score 9.3 of 10