Angry Gran Run They've locked up grandma in an old people's home, but do they seriously think that this fast grandmother would just let herself get locked up? Granny gets furious and bashes the front door down, on her way outside, towards freedom! Angry granny has gathered so much force that she could run a marathon, so to speak, and this is what she does, straight across the town. Can you help her defy dangers and collect coins? In the shop you can buy all kinds of powerups. For instance, you can slow down the clock for a while, put on a sprint, become invincible, use a magnet to attract coins and multiply your coins. Go and run with grandma and enjoy the speed!
Up arrow = jump Down arrow = sliding Z = to the left X = to the right Left and right arrow keys = take a bend to the left or to the right.
This game is
Score 9.5 of 10