Big Battle Tanks There's a war on, and you and your tank ended up in Siberia. You thought you could drive for a while without bumping into hostile tanks, but this was a big mistake: the enemy's already waiting for you! Of course he won't let you occupy his territory and fights back with his own tank. Try to cut these tanks out by shooting at them. Hit the tanks twice to eliminate them completely. The hostile bullets can hit your tank directly, but they can also sweep away the ground around it, which can also be quite tricky! So think hard about your attacks, and aim carefully!
You can play this game with the mouse or with your keyboard. For the mouse controls, see 'instructions' inside the game. For the keybord controls, see hereafter: use the left and right arrows to move your tank. Use the up and down arrows to change the turret angle, and the page up and page down keys to change the turret power. Press the spacebar to fire and Q and E to select a weapon.
This game is
Score 9.2 of 10