Big Bucks This is a fun Monopoly-like game, in which you'll have to earn as much money as possible, and make your opponents bankrupt. It's all about buying parcels and building houses. While you're making choices, your opponents are making deals as well: so be prepared to think and act quickly! Down on the left, in the red window, you can check your financial situation, number of houses and the stock of building material. You can also click on your opponents' windows, to check their situations. Collect power-ups to get ahead more quickly, or to slow down your opponents. When you land on a parcel, you can buy it, but if it's already owned by your opponent, you'll have to pay rent. If you land on your own property on the contrary, you'll receive rent. Whenever you want, you can upgrade the properties and houses that you own. Try to stay out of the hospital and the hotel, as this will slow you down! If you pass the bank, you'll receive 1000 dollar, and if you land on it, you'll even receive 2000 dollar. Do your best, and become the biggest real estate tycoon of the country!
Use the arrow keys or the mouse to move over the board.
This game is
Score 6.0 of 10