Bum Bum Koala This little koala climbs in trees, where snails are also crawling up. It has to collect the snails when they're still crawling. At a certain moment they enter into their shells and fall down. If they hit the koala's head, you'll lose points or will even have to start all over. So make sure that you've collected all the snails in time, and that there are no snails crawling above you! Collect footprints for double speed, alarm clocks for bonus time and stars for protection. For each 500 points you earn, you get 20 seconds extra time.
Move the mouse up and down to make the koala climb. Hold the left mouse button to let the koala slide down. Release the left mouse button to stop sliding. Click at the Koala's left or right to make it jump.
This game is
Score 5.5 of 10