Castle Restaurant Have you enjoyed playing 'Castle Hotel' as much as we did? This is when Manuela and Melvin had bought an old castle that they renovated to be a hotel. When the hotel started to make money, they also had a wellness resort built which is a big success as well. Manuela and Melvin are born entrepreneurs and when something runs smoothly, they will always try and extend the business. That's why they thought of opening a restaurant. This is also busy with guests from the hotel and resort. Will you help Manuela and Melvin to pamper their guests? Accept the restaurant challenge and give the Castle restaurant your best. Take guests to their tables, take their orders and prepare their food. The more money you make, the more you can renovate the restaurant and extend the business and hire more staff. It will be getting busier and busier in the restaurant and in the end there will be very special guests for Manuela and Melvin who are also expecting a baby!.
Play this care game with the mouse.
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