Deep Diver You're deep-sea diving for fun in a tiny little submarine, when all of a sudden you notice a bottle. Nothing particular at first sight, because unfortunately the seabed is full of trash. But something inside tells you that this bottle is different from the rest, and this turns out to be right: there's a piece of paper inside. This snipping of paper is not an ordinary piece of paper, but the fragment of a map. It looks like a treasure map, torn into ten pieces! Where would the other nine pieces be? Of course you're burning with curiosity, and you go looking for the treasure map as well as for the treasure itself. During your search your can also collect small treasure chests, rare fish and black pearls. There are 78 treasure chests, 9 pieces of treasure map, 22 rare fish and 10 pearls to be found. Be careful to upgrade your sub in time in order to keep enough oxygen, otherwise you'll have to stop searching. Enjoy yourself!
This 'find the treasure' game is mouse-controlled.
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Score 6.0 of 10