Deus Racer You've been launched into the future and find yourself in the year 2525. Technological development has not stood still and an implant system has been developed. These implants give robots human characteristics, even more than that: they beat human beings on many fronts. Unfortunately a bug in the software of these implants makes these robots loose their wills little by little. This transforms them into soulless puppets. Not everyone's subject to this error in the system: Amadeus for example simply remains himself. That's why everyone's set their minds on him, as he's a useful test object. Fortunately Amadeus is not alone: top scientist Dr. Sobek, an old friend of his, can guide him via satellite. Can you help Dr. Sobek to let Amadeus escape from this creepy world, so that he can start a new life? Good luck!
Use the arrow keys to move. Press Z, X, C or V to change weapon.
This game is
Score 7.0 of 10