DuckLife 3: Evolution Ducks can now be bred to become specialized for a specific skill. Duck racers are ecstatic, they can swim, climb, fly and run. This means new games and more money to be made. If you want to win with your duck, make sure you train it well first. They all start out with one specific talent, when you train the others you can participate in real races. During the training you can earn loads of coins, isn't that nice? When climbing you need to be careful for the ledges and other obstacle, don't get stuck. Jump from one side to the other. When swimming you need to avoid obstacles as well, you can either dive or jump. When flying, guess what? Avoid the obstacles, the purple coins will accellerate your speed. When running you will find all kinds of rolling obstacles in your path. Jump over them and keep on training. Don't forget to collect as many coins as you can.
Move your duck with the arrow keys.
This game is
Score 6.9 of 10