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Flood Runner Armageddon You're a little man running around through a landscape full of dangers and obstacles. Fortunately you can also score bonus points! Keep an eye on your green 'health bar'. When your grey 'floating power bar' gets green, you can also start floating. When you touch fire, on the one hand this will cost you life, but on the other hand it gives you a huge bonus. The choice is yours! Oil is slippery and moreover it's flammable, so watch out. When you get the chance to grab a pale blue shield, do so: it makes you invincible for a while. If you take a Superman icon, you can fly for a while, and when you pick up a gem, the score will be multiplied with a higher factor.
Press the left mouse button or the up arrow jump, float or walk up walls. Use the spacebar to temporarily pause the game.
This game is
Score 9.2 of 10