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Hot Rod Racing Rod really loves beautiful and fast cars. You too? Race together with him in Quebec, London, Qatar, New York, Tokyo, Nevada or San Francisco! You can choose from a range of different cars. Just some of them are the 'Avenger', the 'Coupe the ville', the 'Stingray', the 'Monte Carlo', the 'Stallion', the 'Woodbine', the 'Bug', the 'Bullit', the 'Longanimobile', the 'Jambogini' en the 'Nuke cruiser'. The better your results are the more cars you get to choose from! In Rods workshop you can also change the cars: like changing their height, picking larger or smaller wheels, adjust the suspension. You can also buy new engines, exhausts and wheels.
Use the arrow up to accelerate, arrow down to drive in reverse, the arrow to the right to tilt forward and arrow left to tilt back. Press X to use your 'nitro' ability.
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