Innkeeper Open your own hotel on an unspoilt tropical island and expand it more and more! On the top left you see the menu, where you can build rooms and facilities, carry out marketing campaigns or upgrades and check what's the financial situation of your hotel. At night you do all kinds of works, and when you click on 'Start day', you can see what this yields. You can equip the rooms with all kinds of things your guests will appreciate: a TV, an ironing board, a sofa, you name it. It's also important to employ cleaners to tidy away the mess your guests made, otherwise the other guests will start grumbling about this and you'll miss out on experience points. Each day you receive an assignment: carry them out to everyone's satisfaction! With the XPs that you can earn you can carry out upgrades that will increase your customers' satisfaction. Manage your hotel efficiently and make sure that the people who stay there, leave the hotel with a smile! The competition is spying on you, so be on your guard. Good luck!
Use the mouse to play this management game.
This game is
Score 7.9 of 10