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Keeper Of The Grove What an awesome tower defense game! You and your friends are trying to protect the forest where you have been living happily for years now. Expensive diamonds are hidden in the forest, and there are mean monsters and mushrooms trying to take them from you. You will have to give it all you got to prevent every attack, using various techniques. The 'sprout' for instance can hit enemies at a great distance. The 'aqua tower' will slow your enemy down 50%. The stone has large range when it is shooting, but can't harm certain enemies. The further you get into the game the more attackers you will meet. You can also gain various skills during the game.
Click on the arrow to the right (left top corner) to start an attack. Wave your mouse pointed over the coins in order to collect them; when you select 'enable coins auto collect' this will be done automatically once an enemy is down.
This game is
Score 7.8 of 10