King's Game The king is angry! When the king was enjoying his dinner, suddenly an enemy king shoot the crown off his head with a cannonball and now he's furious. He's meditating upon revenge! That's why he challenges his enemy to a duel. By turns they shoot at each other and the one who's the first to have shot down all enemy soldiers wins the duel. You can collect 'achievements' and 'collections': try to hit them all. Try to unlock new weapons and cannonballs, that you can use to eliminate the enemy in even less attempts! Use your ammo carefully as it's not unlimited. We wish you lots of royal shooting fun!
Use the mouse to move around and the scroll wheel to zoom in or out. Hold the left mouse button while aiming, and release to shoot. If you want to fire more cannonballs at once (option 'buckshot'), you have to click when the cannonball is airborne.
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Score 6.0 of 10