Orange Gravity 2 There where in Orange gravity everything was round, in Orange gravity 2 everything is square, even the orange. The principle stays the same: help the orange eat all the lemons, so that it can go to the exit (a blue octagon). It will need your help to reach his goal: you can cut the cord he's hanging on, so that he falls down or flies upwards. Sometimes it's smarter to make the orange move in a different way: for example by moving the pink circle or by turning around the lever attached to the green square , which has a kind of pulley effect. You can extend or reduce the length of the cord. You can connect the cord with the green squares with arrows inside. These arrows show the direction the orange will take as soon as the cord is cut. You can change this direction with the help of the green triangles placed around the square. Help the orange eat all the lemons without hitting the spikes!
Use the mouse to play this game.
This game is
Score 5.5 of 10