Shopping City Welcome to your shopping city! Here you can build your own resort island. Earn money by building and operating the network of shops. Upgrade the shops, increase your revenues, and watch over the shops. Click on the Build button below and select a shop type in order to build the shop. Click on a grey shop icon to finish the building. You can upgrade or sell your buildings by clicking on the shop and selecting an appropriate icon. The shops can be damaged. You need to repair them when the red icon is shown. Click on the Repair button to repair your shop. Fire or robbery can accidently happen. You need to build a fire department and police in order to extinguish a fire or catch a thief. Customers will not enter the same shop type and the same upgrade level but you can build different sizes of buildings in the same street. Intersections are very important in this game. Build fast serving shops in the intersections to receive customers from several streets.
Use your mouse to play this game.
This game is
Score 8.1 of 10