Spirit Fencer When a ghost called Lugh receives an armor from goddess Morrigan, he sets off to save his wife. Before he can do so he'll have to defeat all kinds of enemies in the Sidhe woods. The scarecrow to start with... You'd expect that he'll have to use his sword in this battle, but nothing is further from the truth: he'll have to use his brain, and you're going to help him! Move the runic characters in such a way, that you place three characters of the same color in a row. Click on three red characters if you want to increase your health (strength), click on three blue ones to improve your armor and click on a series of three green ones if you want to increase your energy level. When you attack (by clicking on three red characters) or improve your armor, your energy level will diminish, so try to balance everything.
Use the spacebar to turn the rows of runic characters (horizontally or vertically). Click to make the runic characters disappear.
This game is
Score 6.0 of 10