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Spot the Difference

Whether you’re young or old, playing a ‘Spot the Difference’ game is still fun and challenging! We have great ‘Spot the Difference’ games for players of all ages. One picture is harder than the next, so there are also degrees of difficulty here. Some of the pictures are so well done that they’re truly eye-pleasing. And this makes playing such ‘Spot the Difference’ games even more fun! In these games, you often gain points when you spot the difference between two apparently identical images, but you also lose points if you click on a difference that isn’t actually a difference. Your search for differences is also often time-restricted, so you can’t just keep looking aimlessly. This only makes it more of a challenge and more exciting! If you have an eye for detail, ‘Spot the Difference’ is just for you. It’s obvious that, in order to reach the higher levels of these ‘Spot the Difference’ games, you must have good eyes. A fun ‘Spot the Difference’ game is ‘Brave Kitten’. This is a game that revolves around a litter of kittens that live with their mother in the basement of an old house. There’s not much food and it’s quite cold, but they’re still happy. The aim is to find all the differences in the picture in order to be able to read the whole story about the kittens! Another game in which a story slowly plays itself out is Robin Hood differences. By finding all the differences in the pictures in this Robin Hood story, you move step-by-step towards its climax! Make sure you take the right route, though. You see, there are loads of choices on Gamesbook. Check out this fun games category now!