Valentine Conquest It's Valentine's Day, and you can finally try to conquer the boy or girl you're in love with! Throw hearts at your future lover, in order to empty his or her love bar. Don't hit the fountain! Try to hit the bonus hearts, that are worth money. Use this money to buy special hearts. You can use different kinds of hearts to throw: normal harts, that are your standard bullets; triple hearts, that triple the chance of hitting your opponent; gifts, that are very precise bullets that will surely reach their targets; dark red hearts, that have double power; ice-cube hearts, that freeze your opponent during three turns. Have fun and enjoy Valentine's Day!
Choose the right position with the left and right arrow keys. Your number of moves is limited: check the green bar. Then, choose the right angle with the up and down arrow keys. Choose the right power by pressing the spacebar, and release to fire.
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Score 7.6 of 10