Xtreme Snowboarding Monkeys are renowned for their tricks, so let's see what this monkey can do on a snowboard! As soon as you snowboard down a slope, you can do stunts and tricks. The more you complete per descent, the more points you earn. Speed also determines your points. Use your mouse cursor to go as fast and as accurately as you can past the light grey balls that turn green, red or orange when you pass over them. When you hit the ground when you are in the middle of a trick (red ball), you will lose all your points. Is the ball orange, you keep your points. If you are near a green ball when you hit the ground, then the points of that descent are doubled. On each level you need to have completed a minimum number of tricks, so do your best!
Pass over the light grey balls with the mouse cursor: when you do this fast and accurately, the monkey will perform a trick.
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