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Avalon Last Stand Once there was a country called Vennimair. One day a big meteorite landed on the country, emitting a huge, evil radiation. At that time, Rhadamanthus was born: a man who turned out to have a great magic power, but bad intentions as well, unfortunately. He used his magic to form a kind of zombie army, and only had one purpose: exterminate the entire population. Rhadamanthus began to conquer the whole country, but there was one city that wouldn't surrender that easily: it was guarded by Nathanos, a wise wizard who won't make things easy for Rhadamanthus! Help Nathanos in this battle against evil! Kill monsters to collect 'skill points': you can use these points to find new spells. The more spells of the same kind you know, the more powerful they get.
Use 1-4 to select a spell. Double click on the spell to move it from 'Research' to 'Active Spells'. Click on the battlefield to cast the active spell.
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