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My Little Army Mythballs Fight in the fairy-like world of your 'Little Army', and face the different enemies. Each time you defeat an enemy army, you win 'myth balls' and you can use new characters and weapons in the following levels. First choose your character and degree of difficulty: Khan Kong (easy), Marchesa (normal) or Shahanshah (hard). On the right of the screen you can see your enemies. Then, send your soldiers into the battlefield. The stronger the units, the more energy ('mana') they cost. You can also cast spells to fight the enemy. These spells cost energy, too. So spend your energy in a smart way, and don't spend it all before having defeated your enemy! Try to keep your character alive: as long as the 'life bar' is full enough, you're doing well! When you reach the goal written at the top of the screen, you've won the battle!
Move the mouse cursor over the edges of the battlefield to move your horizon. The game is mouse-controlled.
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