Back to Alien Party This alien is looking to return to his home planet. He starts his spaceship and when you click he will fly up. You will need to keep the ship going by clicking. Wherever you click, he will fly, so if you do this well he will catch as many coins and bonuses as possible on the way! Make sure you don't touch any hot air balloons, because then the alien crashes and you will get very few points. Every time the alien tries to get home you will make money: you can spend this in the shop to upgrade his spaceship. That way you will reach even further the next time, and who knows: you might just reach his home planet eventually!
Click there where you want the spaceship to fly. Don't wait too long with clicking, once the descend has started you will not be able to let the spaceship lift off again!
This game is
Score 6.0 of 10