Polar Bob Evil penguins have kidnapped the Moon princess and Bob the polar bear is planning to go and save this mysterious beauty at the other side of the planet. That's why he sets out for the Antarctic to engage the penguins in battle: Bob would want to become a real hero so badly! Jump on the ice floes or on the clouds to fly even higher into the sky, grab gifts for an extra high jump and collect coins to buy upgrades. Don't let the jumping penguins hit you: jump on top of them to eliminate them and to jump even higher yourself. Beware of the falling rockets, they'll kill you! You'll also have to avoid the thunder clouds for this reason. You can grab lots of nice powerups: the heart is worth an extra life, the bell boosts your upward speed, the magnet attracts coins, the ice crystal fills the 'upward speed bar' and the shield protects you against enemies and thunderclouds. Good luck!
Press W, the up arrow or the left mouse button to jump. Use A/D, the left/right arrow keys or the mouse to move.
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Score 6.0 of 10