Cargo Bridge 2 Do you remember the game 'Cargo Bridge'? Perhaps you still play it very often. Now there's a sequel to this fun brain game! Here as well you have to build a bridge, so that your workers can get items from the other side of the valley. First of all, you have to check the terrain where you want to build your bridge. Your budget is limited and each item costs money, so think carefully before you start building. On the top right you see how much money you have left to build. There are two parts: 'walking elements' and 'connector elements'. Connector elements are lighter and cheaper, but your workers can't walk over them, so you'll have to combine both elements. When your bridge's ready, you can click on the stopwatch to test your construction.
Click on the 'design' icon on the top left of the window and start building your bridge. Choose the starting point of the bridge part by clicking on one of the nodes. Hold the mouse button until you have chosen the end point of the bridge element. If you want to delete a part, you click on the 'delete selected' icon, on top left, or you press the delete button of your keyboard. If you want to delete all parts, you click on the 'clear project' icon. Click at the right side of the worker to make him walk to the right and at his left side to make him walk to the left.
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