Coaster racer In this cool racing game you can easily imagine yourself in a roller coaster. High up in the sky you see the landscapes flash by. Try to end in pole position, in order to pass to the next spectacular level. The higher your position, the more money you earn. This can be used for upgrades. A nitro temporarily boosts your speed, and while freestyling you can't steer your car, so watch out! Try to stay on the track, and to damage your car as little as possible! When you drive a damaged car, you earn less points. You can also do great jumps: as soon as you see a ramp, you know that it's time to prepare for a jump! The more orange cones you hit, the higher your score will get, too.
You can drive your car either with the arrow keys or with WASD. Use the up arrow or W to accelerate, the down arrow or S to brake, the left/right arrows or A/D to steer. Press N or X to use a Nitro and M or Z to do some freestyle.
This game is
Score 8.0 of 10