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Overtorque Stunt Racing Get into one of your spectacular sports cars and show us what you're capable of on the track! You can choose between four modes: Race, Hot Dog, Interceptor and Free Roam. In the Race mode you compete against normal opponents on several tracks. The Hot Dog mode is a race against the clock, the Interceptor mode is a race where unfair opponents participate. Try to ram their cars! You can use the Free Roam mode as a kind of a training, but it also contains a challenge: discover all 20 secrets, to earn the 100,000 dollar bonus! Race through the landscape and feel your stomach contract when you jump off a steep slope. The special thing in this racing game is that you can also move your car when it's in mid-air. This allows you to perform spectacular stunts that yield you extra money and speed. Have fun!
Use the arrow keys to move around.
This game is
Score 7.5 of 10