Dr. Flammenwerfer When Dr. Flammenwerfer proudly presented his floating pod to the public, the object exploded and it reduced the whole building to ashes. The people laughed him to scorn and he still hasn't forgotten about that. Years later he has built a perfectly functioning spaceship that he has equipped with flame-throwers, too. Dr. Flammenwerfer is meditating on revenge, that's for sure. He's floating above the streets, firing at unsuspecting passers-by. For each passer-by you hit you earn points, that you can buy upgrades with in the lab. You can equip the pod with a cannon, with a magnet to attract the coins you've earned and with a shield that makes the spaceship less vulnerable. Will Dr. Flammenwerfer manage to carry out his revengeful plans?
Use the mouse to play this game.
This game is
Score 6.0 of 10