Dummy Never Fails 2 Have you already played the 'Infallible crash test dummy' game? This is the sequel! Carry out all kinds of crash tests with a crash test dummy. In each level you have to shoot the dummy to the target. You can launch him directly, but in most cases you have to do this indirectly, as there a lots of obstacles in the test space. You'll sometimes need to zoom in and out to see the target. You can use the bar on the top left to zoom. In some levels you'll need to reverse gravity, so that the crash test dummies become weightless and fly upwards. You can lower the speed by clicking on the S icon at the top: when it turns green, the dummy will fly more slowly. Make the dummy suffer as little as possible!
Use the mouse to aim and to launch the dummy. R = retry, N = next, S = slow down. Use the arrow keys to reverse gravity.
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Score 6.0 of 10