Hex Empire This is a war and strategy game where you are going to conquer all kinds of enemy capitals. You have 5 moves per turn, but you can only move each army only once per turn. When your capital is occupied by the enemy, the game's over. Your army's power is measured in to ways: by its morale and by its manpower. The morale is the red number and the manpower is the black number. The strongest army automatically defeats the weakest one. The more victories you gain, the bigger the morale, and the other way round: the more losses your army makes, the worse its morale gets. Select your country by clicking on it. You can also choose another map by typing the map number at the top of the window or by clicking on 'random map'.
Click on your army and then on the pale yellow zone around it to move your soldiers.
This game is
Score 7.3 of 10