Pirateers Neptune's eye... the key to unlimited wealth, a dream of many a pirate. There's only been one pirate who's been in its possession. He hasn't been able to keep Neptune's eye for a long time... when a sea monster attacked him, he activated the eye and both he and the monster were aspired by a huge whirlpool. They ended up at the bottom of the sea. Neptune's eye was then smashed to pieces and spread over the seabed. Go in search of it and try to find all five pieces. Your quest won't be easy, because you have plenty of competitors. The ships you sink contain loot that you can collect by navigating over them. Do your best!
Use A and D or the left and right arrow keys to turn your ship. Press W and S or the up and down arrows to speed up or slow down. Press the spacebar or the left mouse button to shoot cannonballs.
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