Tim Legends A knight called Tim receives a mission from the king. He has to accomplish an important and difficult mission, and therefore the king gives him a robot that has to help him. You control this robot. Tim is quite a scatterbrain and he doesn't always watch where he's walking: can you lure him in the right direction, with treasure-chests and televisions? You can pick them up and drag them along. Make sure that you're always a few steps ahead of Tim, because before he reaches the dangerous, sharp spikes, you'll need to have picked up something to lure him in the other direction. There are two windows: keep in mind that the robot in the lower window has to go the same way as Tim in the upper window, otherwise you won't be in time!
Press X to continue. Use the arrow keys to activate the robot's jets. Pick up treasure-chests and televisions by pressing X.
This game is
Score 6.0 of 10