Empire island Build your empire, and make sure the enemy won't destroy it! You have a palace, a temple and a workshop. If the palace gets destroyed, game's over. The more you upgrade your palace, the better you can defend it. Moreover, once you've upgraded your palace, you can upgrade your workshop and temple as well. In the workshop you can build new units, buildings, walls and land. The more you upgrade your workshop, the better you'll be able to defend it. If the workshop gets damaged, you can repair it, but if it's destroyed, you'll have to rebuild it entirely before you can build new units, etc. In the temple you can ask your God for support, before you start fighting against the enemy. You can also repair your temple when it gets damaged, and when it's destroyed you'll first have to rebuild it before you can ask your God for help again.
Use A/D to scroll the screen. Press X to close a panel and M to minimize a panel. Use R to repair a unit or a building, and U to upgrade a unit or a building. Press W to select a weapon and use the Delete key to sell a unit.
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