Hacker vs Hacker You're a hacker, and you engage combat against other hackers! They send you mean viruses, that you have to defend yourself against with the help of all kinds of defense systems. Place them in strategic places, like a kind of line of defense. You can build so-called MoneyMakers, in order to earn extra money. You can also build extra processors, in case your own processor doesn't have enough power anymore. And, last, you can build software that destroys malware. You can sell, repair or upgrade your defense towers, by clicking on them. You can play the game at three different speeds: slow, normal or fast. Keep an eye on the gauges that show the state of your computer, your mental energy and the processor power that you currently have. Below the three gauges you'll see a dollar sign, that shows how much money you have left at that moment.
Use the mouse to play this defense game.
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