Madness Escape Can you help the robot escape from his planet, so that those nasty enemies won't be able to harm him anymore? Shoot down enemies and refuel the rocket in time. The spaceship Z-100 throws fuel and other useful items at you: try to use all this help! Beware of the crabs, because their iron claws show no mercy. There are thieves, too, that are out for your fuel. The headless rifleman is dangerous, too, like the robot with the hammer. Try to grab the health items (shields with a red plus on them), and the jerrycans. Avoid the anvils: they're harmful. Grab all the power-ups you can find!
Use the arrow keys to move around. Click to shoot, and also use the mouse to carry out other actions, like repairs and refueling: in these last two cases you hold the left mouse button while the health bar or fuel bar get filled again.
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Score 6.0 of 10