Epic Charlie Charlie hears from his Master that he's been chosen for a special mission. But before he can even ask his Master for more explanation, the man has already been killed! To make matters worse, Charlie's accused of this murder because he was a pupil of his. The villagers give him 15 days to prove his innocence, otherwise they'll confine him for good. So Charlie goes to look for the murderer of the man of whom he's learned so much. The ghost of the Master guides him: the murderer turns out to be Marguen, a former disciple who's only out for power. This evil wizard's disciple threatens to destroy the entire village and Charlie sets out to save the village and its inhabitants.
Use the arrow keys to move around and S to jump. Press D to shoot. If you want to climb a wall, press both S and the right arrow. If you want to jump from wall to wall, press the left and/or right arrow keys while jumping. If you want to put on a sprint, press the right and down arrow.
This game is
Score 8.3 of 10