Frog Dares You're a frog, who's entered into the frog forest. The orange frog will guide you. In the past, the frog forest was a good place to live, but since the insects have started behaving aggressively, many frogs left to a better place. Even the water, where they used to trash about for hours, isn't safe anymore! Fortunately you, as a frog, are a good jumper, and there are special flowers in the woods, so-called 'catapult flowers', that help you jump over dangerous places with sharp spikes. Collect the coins, the diamonds and the hearts (extra life), and catch the mean insects with your tongue! Once you've lost all your lives, you'll have to start all over again.
Use the left and right arrow keys to walk and the down arrow to jump. Press X or Ctrl to use your tongue to catch an insect.
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