Super Adventure Pals This is an extremely fun adventure game in which you pass through all kinds of landscapes to fulfill commissions. The nasty Mr. B. has captured one of the three Adventurous Friends, named Mr. Rock. The three friends were having a quiet pick nick when Mr. B. appeared out of the blue and took the stone and took him to his village. Now our hero is going to look for his little friend and therefore he has to fulfill all kinds of tasks and to eliminate enemies to reach to the place where Mr. B. hides out. Will you help him with it?
When you choose the arrow keys to move, use your WASD to fight and execute other actions. If you use WASD to move, it is the opposite: then you use the arrow keys to fight and execute other actions. In the game you will find more information about the keys that you use for these attacks.
This game is
Score 6.6 of 10