Fancy Pants 3 Fancy Pants 3, another fun Fancy Pants game with the fast little man and his yellow baggy trousers! In each level the Fancy Pants Man searches the way out, and you can help him. The king calls him, because he needs his help to chase the pirates away from his bathtub! Fancy Pants often runs faster than you expect, so especially in the beginning you'll have to try out the controls. Sometimes he'll have to take a ball to the exit, sometimes he can use another round item for this. You don't have to take the ball with you immediately: you can also put it aside and fetch it later when you've found the exit. Collect curly shapes and enter secret levels for even more adventure!
Press the left and right arrow keys to move around. Press S to jump and A to attack. If you want to jump higher, press the S key a bit longer. Use the up arrow to open doors. Crawl and roll by pressing the down arrow
This game is
Score 9.2 of 10