New World In this game you manage your own planet, turn eggs into farm animals and grow seeds to trees. The planet is divided into sectors. Each sector has two properties you have to watch: temperature and fertility. The animals can only live at certain temperatures, in a region where there's enough food. And concerning fertility: trees can only grow on fertile soil. Each sector can contain a maximum of 6 animals and 6 trees. By changing a sector's soil you change its suitability to house animals or contain trees. Animals lay eggs, that turn into worms, evolving into farm animals, at least if you're lucky. You can also sow trees. They slowly diminish the soil's fertility, but the animals' manure increases its fertility, so everything can remain balanced, as long as you take good care. Try to keep the whole ecosystem balanced!
Use WASD or the arrow keys to move. Use J and Z to shoot and use K and X to perform actions. Press L or the spacebar to jump and use the numeric keys 1 to 10 to select an item. Use the up and down arrows to change the soil's composition. You'll receive further instructions as soon as you start playing.
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